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news archives This week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets, we have started to prepare for Christmas in the classroom. We have a Christmas workshop role play area, where the children are playing out making toys, and wrapping them ready for Father Christmas to deliver. We have made our own Christmas tree and the children have decorated it with some stars that are numbered 0-20. Whilst doing this, the children enjoyed counting with their friends. We have made some Snowflakes for the windows. The children have also made some beautiful paper chains. Making these is a great way for the children to use their fine motor skills.
We are continuing to practice our nativity and the children are starting to do most of the actions and singing along to the Christmas songs. They have all being amazing.









The Swans have been very busy this week creating a Santa’s Grotto. There has been lots of mark making activities, writing Christmas cards, letters to Santa and so much more, which the children have really enjoyed. They have also created a wonderful Christmas tree picture with lots of baubles hanging from the branches to go onto to the winter wonderland scene, which looks Amazing!
The production rehearsals are going extremely well, the children’s enthusiasm is amazing joining in with the songs and actions. Well done everyone!













This week the children have been learning about nocturnal animals and have created an animal sanctuary, creating and labelling beds for poorly animals. Using 6 bats, the children have recorded tallies, marking white bats with a cross and black with a circle. They have used their different tallies to interpret ways of making 6. Using white boards they have written the digraphs that they can hear in nocturnal animal words e.g. oo in ‘hoot’/ng in ‘wing” /ow in ‘owl’/ oa in ‘toad’ etc…Hiding soft toy ‘nocturnal animals’ in the woods and pretending to be silent, swooping owls in search of prey, proved to be very exciting. The children loved listening to ‘Owl Babies’ and had a really good go at writing or copying….’I want my Mummy.’















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