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news archives This week in Early Years

We have had a great week in cygnets. We have had Interactive Woodland Adventure week along with Thanksgiving.
We have made our very own bookmarks with the Swans class, using some items from the woods, and placing them on sticky plastic. They all looked amazing.
We made some beautiful woodland crowns in Cygnets. They were decorated with woodland jewels that made their crowns look wonderful.
We have spoken about Thanksgiving celebrations and the traditions that surround it. The children have been discussing with their friends, what makes them happy and what they are thankful for. We have made some fantastic turkey pictures with the children’s hand and foot prints.









The children in Swans have had a fantastic week. We have joined the Cygnet and Reception classes for our Interactive Woodland Adventure week and Thanksgiving celebrations too.
Celebrating Thanksgiving, the children were very good at saying what they were thankful for. They then used their creative skills to make handprint turkey pictures, which look amazing in the classroom.
The children were also very creative in our Woodland adventures. They had lots of fun searching the woods for leaves, twigs, feathers etc to create crowns and bookmarks. They also took leaves back to the classroom to do leaf printing.







This week the children have been making a ‘shoe shop’ storeroom, ordering boxes from 1-25. This has provided the perfect opportunity to look at patterns in number, both horizontally and vertically. Children have been busy matching numbered shoes to their corresponding boxes. Using their knowledge of more and fewer, they have had fun working out which box contains the other shoe…..’the number on this shoe is 2 fewer than 10 etc…’
The ‘shoe shop’ has been fabulous for playing the role of both customer and shop assistant and it is wonderful to see the children beginning to exchange coins for their purchases.
Working out which footwear material was most suitable for muddy puddles in ‘Forest Schools’ proved to be absolutely hilarious as we poured water over different shoes in our trough.








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