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This week in Cygnets we have been thinking about Remembrance Day, and we have been creating our own poppies for the classroom. We sponge painted the poppies and used our fingers to put the black part on the poppy. The children loved this part!! We have made a great display in our classroom of all of the diva lamps the children have coloured in. The children have created some wonderful wall art We joined the reception class and Swans for a wonderful Diwali celebration. Listening to a story about Rama & Sita, singing our song whilst lighting little diva lamps. We also watched a Hindu firework display and tasted some Indian foods.







The Swans have been very creative this week, painting firework pictures using pipettes to drop and squirt the paint, and paint brushes to splat the paint onto the paper, whilst making firework noises such as ‘pop, pop, whoosh, bang’. They have also been painting poppies for Remembrance Day, and creating Diva lamps for Diwali. For these they used clay to make a little pot adding lots of sparkles, gems and a candle. There was also the opportunity to colour Rangoli patterns. The artwork in the classroom is amazing!
We have also started learning the songs for the EYFS Christmas production, which is very exciting.







This week we invited all the Nursery children into our classroom to share in our Diwali celebrations. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita , taking turns to illustrate the story using a range of percussion instruments. Whilst the children tasted different Indian foods, they watched a Hindu firework display with a traditional Indian music accompaniment. Singing our ‘Diva Lamp’ song and making a very noisy vocal firework display was a fabulous ending to our afternoon. Rangoli patterns provided lots of opportunities to explore symmetry. Folding circles and squares into quarters and then cutting out shapes caused a great deal of excitement.








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