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news archives This week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we are looking at the weather. We have discussed at register the different types of weather and what weather it was each day. We had a class discussion about what clothing types we may need in each weather type and why.
The children have all worked together to create weather pictures that will go on display in the classroom. We have also created a large arrow that we can manoeuvre on the board and change the weather type each day.









This week in Swans we have been talking about feelings and what makes us happy, sad, grumpy, tired and excited. We have recalled special times with family and friends and how we felt.
We have also been using our facial expressions to show how we feel. We have also looked at our ‘Golden Rules’ talking about how our actions can make others feel.





This week in Reception Mrs Alexander taught the children some key words from our weekly story…..Mummy/Grandmother/Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf/eyes/ears and teeth. They absolutely loved watching the story on our interactive board and recognised so many of these words as they listened to the story in French.
We created some lovely friendship circles, working collaboratively, using our Autumnal collections. Printing with Autumnal leaves was a messy but exciting task.
Using our ‘carpet squares’ number line from 1-20, the children had to stand on a given number. They then had to count the number of Autumnal conkers being dropped into a noisy tray. With help from the rest of the children, they had to jump that number of squares to see what number they had landed on…..great for counting and number recognition.








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