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This Week in Early Years
This week in Nursery we have been celebrating harvest. We have spoken at register about what happens throughout harvest and identified the types of vehicles that are used. The children have discussed their favourite fruits and vegetables and together created a brilliant harvest display. It is also ‘Maths Week’ in the Early Years this week and the children have completed a different activity each day. From weighing, shapes and counting the children. The children have each shown their amazing mathematical abilities.
















This week in Swans we have been celebrating Harvest time. With lots of activities for the children to take part in! The children have been very busy creating pictures. Thinking about Autumn colours, the children chose red, green, yellow, orange and brown paint to print using fruit and vegetables. They also decorated apple and pear shapes using different coloured papers. We introduced the sound ‘p’ and the children played with the farm in ‘Popcorn’, we also looked at weight using the scales to balance the ‘Pasta’. The children were very excited about the Harvest Festival assembly where we did a poem about the farmer sowing his seeds. Well done everyone!








This story has provided an ideal opportunity for the children to use their senses to explore the delicious fruits grown in our African story. They have also enjoyed cutting up more familiar fruits to examine their seeds and have been busy cutting kiwi slices and grapes into quarters. Every child has been blindfolded and had one of these fruits placed in a basket on top of their head. The children have had great fun using descriptive language to help their friends identify which fruit has been hidden. Balancing fruits of their choice has led to a greater understanding of heavier, lighter and ordering. Using conkers to balance fruits has been fabulous for estimation and counting.













We have recently had our Maths evening, where we were thrilled with how many of our parents attended. The evening was a showcase of how we are teaching maths to our children from such a young age. The children are taking part in so many fun activities that “Maths” is never going to be dull.


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