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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have been reading the story The Gruffalo’s Child. The children have all helped to read it by filling in the missing rhyming words and identified which animal was hiding where. 

We have worked together as a class to create a big display of the Gruffalo characters using a variety of art and craft materials and methods and had lots of fun acting out the different creatures at register time.










The children in Swans have been working very hard this week. At circle time we sang our days of the week song and talked about the day, date, season and weather. The sound ‘i’ was introduced, the children listened carefully to the story and joined in with the song before thinking of words beginning with the sound including ice-cream, igloo, iguana and ink, they also played several of the Jolly phonics games using the interactive screen. We looked at our question of the week ‘What makes a special friend’, the children said, “someone who plays with me”, “someone who is helpful”, “kind”, “gives cuddles” and so on. We are also learning a poem, ready for harvest festival which the children love. 

In mathematics this week we looked at one more and one less, the children were also encouraged to separates a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same, and there was lots of opportunity for the children to categorise in different ways (size colour and shape).

The children are very enthusiastic about tennis with Mr Loveday, having another fantastic lesson. They are also really enjoying their French with Madam Alexander, singing a song about Monsieur Pouce and Mademoiselle Pouce, we also sang ‘Tate, Épaules, Genou, et les orteils’ joining in with the actions. The children also had a fantastic Stave House lesson too and were amazing at tapping out rhythms with the rhythm sticks. 

Well Done everyone!









This week in reception, the children have been using puppetry to tell the story of Little Red Hen, re-enforcing our golden rule ‘be kind and helpful.’ They have tasted breads from around the world and made mark making tallies on paper plates to show whether or not they enjoyed their different tastes and textures. Of course, they have loved cutting sliced bread into quarters and creating different shapes. Making playdough buns and placing them in cases allowed the children to work out whether they had more or fewer cakes than wrappers. Best of all, they have baked bread rolls to share with their family, lots of mess and lots of fun.











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