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news archives THis week in Pre Prep …..

Year 1

We have had a busy week. This week we have begun our new topic ‘At the Seaside’. It has been fun hearing about the children’s seaside experiences. We watched a video called ‘At the Seaside with Magic Grandad’. This was great to ignite our thoughts and make us think about how the seaside may have been different in the past. After this, we had to sort seaside pictures and decide if they were from then or now. In Art, we have begun a seaside painting. We mixed colours to make light blues and dark blue for the sea. We also added yellow with brown to make sandy beaches. Next week we are going to add even more detail to create a beach scene. In English, we read the story ‘Winnie the Witch at the Seaside’, we loved this story. We had to correct sentences from the story and make sure the capital letters were in the right places. We also had to colour in a funny picture of Winnie. In Maths we have been working on a booklet to revise skills we have learnt this year. We have also been learning to add bigger numbers by using our numbers bonds to 10 to help us such as 45+ ? = 50. Our poem of the week was ‘To the Sea’. We had to list rhyming words from the poem and think of some of our own. We had fun adding actions to the poem as well.


Year 2

We have had a busy start to our final few weeks in Year 2. In English, we have been revising verbs, adverbs and the past tense of verbs. We have written poems about kitchen machines and the playground with a focus on selecting interesting verbs. In Maths, we have learnt about area and have completed some data handling work. In Topic, we explored the woods looking for micro habitats and mini beasts as well as learning about food chains. In R/S, we learnt about the daily life of a Buddhist monk. In ADT, we planned and started work on our model gardens.

Year 3

This week the children have been completing mini topic assessments based on each area of their learning. They have really enjoyed completing them and they have all been surprised at how much they have remembered. The children also completed a piece of writing based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears , but they had to change it to other names. For example, ‘Kitty and the Three Kangaroos’.
We are concentrating really hard on our times tables and we have started completing our ‘Ultimate Times Table Challenge every morning! They are getting much quicker.
The children have also been involved in matches this week. Please can they remember that they need to wear their blazer for match day.
We are also getting excited for our trip to Dunwich and Orford Castle, on Thursday 14th June. I am sure that there will be lots of photos from this trip.


The weather appears to be getting hotter, so please can all Pre Prep children wear sun cream to school and bring in a sun hat for break times.

Thank you

Mrs Catchpole