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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have been going on a teddy bears picnic. The children have each made their own sandwich, being very careful to spread the filling and cut it into either squares or triangles. They have made some icing to ice a biscuit and sprinkled some colourful sprinkles on the top. Finally they counted out five teddy bear crisps each to go in their picnic bag that they had decorated.
We took our teddy bears and picnic up to the woods, the children were all amazing at singing along to the teddy bears picnic song along the way and enjoyed sharing the food with their teddy bears.

In Swans this week we have had an amazing time!
The children have really enjoyed the Teddy Bears Picnic theme. They have been icing a biscuit for themselves, making their own jam or butter sandwiches and counted out Pom-Bear crisps to go into their picnic bags. We have then joined the other Nursery children at the woods to eat our picnics, sing songs and have stories.
The children have also been doing lots of hand painting to create a special picture and learning new songs in preparation of our Swans Graduation.

In Reception this week the children have being trying to use their senses. We have blindfolded them and one at a time they had a spoonful of ice cream. They had to tell everyone what flavour they thought they had tasted. They have designed their own lollies too which was great fun. They all completed worksheets identifying what was everyone’s favourite flavoured ice cream. Having taste Neapolitan ice cream, they selected unifix cubes to represent their favourite flavours. They were able to identify which was the most and least popular flavour.

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