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news archives This Week in Pre Prep…..

Year 1

This week in Year 1, we have studied the different parts of a plant. We have also started learning about different types of animals we might find and the categories they fit in to. We had fun sorting animals into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds and fish. In maths we have been working hard to find fractions of numbers by sharing counters equally. We had to share fruit evenly between some sneaky minions! In English, we have revisited adjectives. We had to design our own colourful snake and write an interesting sentence using adjectives. We wrote stories at writing time using our imagination using the sentence starter ‘In my magic garden….’ we thought of some interesting things you might find such as a marshmallow waterfall! We had our last swimming session and had lots of fun in the pool together. We are very excited about an author coming to visit us next week.


Year 2

This week in Year 2 we have worked hard. In English, we learnt about conjunctions, planned and wrote thank you letters from Barnaby Bear to Kate Koala. In Maths, we learnt about estimating, rounding numbers and recapped on odd and even numbers. We enjoyed doing some problem solving. In Topic, we found out all about Australian animals and completed fact files on our chosen animal. In Art, we completed our Aborigine inspired dot art work. They look amazing and it was worth being careful. In R/S, we continued to learn about the parables. We enjoyed our visit to the book fair.

Year 3

In Year 3 this week we have learnt about multiplication and division. We have been learning how to multiply using the grid method.

In English we continued our Roald Dahl theme and discussed advertising. Mrs Catchpole had received a letter from Willy Wonka requesting 3C’s help with designing a new sweet product for his factory to make. The children also had to design an advert for their product.

In History we have been learning about Motte and Bailey castles and how they were built, in Geography we have been learning about the coastline and erosion. We learnt about Jesus’ ascension in RS and in Science we completed an investigation on plants and what they need to stay alive. We really enjoyed our Mathletics session this week.