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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets the children have been busy preparing a special gift for their Mummy’s. We have spoken about why we love our Mummy’s and all the amazing things that they do for us.
Creating our special gifts involved talking about a certain flower that the children created using their handprints. They were very careful to ensure their gift is just perfect for their Mummy.
We have also touched on world book day and have read a variety of stories. The children have spoken about stories they enjoy reading and their favourite characters.


This week in Swans we have had a wonderful time, the children have worked very hard creating beautiful Mother’s Day cards, which involved several different stages including writing their names. The children also thought carefully about how much they love their Mummy’s and what lovely things they do with their Mummy’s.
We have also been celebrating books (extending National Book Day) looking at different books, fiction and non-fiction. The children knew that the person who writes books is an Author and the person who draws the pictures in books is the Illustrator.
We looked at all the sounds this week and introduced the sound ‘z’ the children are amazing and eager to share with others the words they know beginning with the sounds.
In mathematics, we have focused on shapes, colours and size, sorting and looking within our environment for familiar shapes; such as the bottom of a cup and a tyre are both circles one small and one large.
On Thursday, we had a very special assembly with Mr Mattter from Mad Science (to start Science Week); the children had a wonderful time. We will have more science next week including CSI on Thursday.



This week the children in Reception have been learning that diet and exercise play an important part in keeping our bodies healthy. Our school nurse, (Mrs. MacFarlane) has been talking to the children about our skeleton and explaining how broken bones can be very cleverly repaired at the hospital. They have been exercising vigorously and comparing their heartbeat before and after exertion. They have sorted foods into healthy and unhealthy options and have become aware of the importance of calcium within their diet. The children really enjoyed using tape measures to measure different body parts and our skeleton dance caused great hilarity.