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news archives This week in Early Years

This week in Cygnets the children have been talking about all the festivities that we have coming up. During register, we have spoken about Valentine’s Day and how this is a special day where we show people that we love how much we appreciate them. We have also spoken about Shrove Tuesday, we looked at how to make pancakes and the children shared lots of giggles when they had a go a flipping a pretend pancake. We looked at Mardi Gras and shared some fantastic dance moves to the music.
The children each individually created their own Valentines heart. They very carefully threaded their choice of colour wool through pre made holes in order to create a hanging heart decoration to take home for those that they love.

This week in Swan’s we have been looking at different Celebrations; the children decorated heart shapes for St Valentine’s Day and talked about the people they love. We also made masks for Mardi Gras and Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, the pancakes tasted delicious with lemon and sugar. The children also talked about other celebrations including Birthdays.
We introduced the sound ‘f’ this week and the children were amazing at circle time saying lots of words beginning with ‘f’ including fish, fireman, fire engine, family, friends, frogs.
The children also used their mathematical skills to match the compare bears looking at the shape and size.
In our Art session with Jonathan this week the children used the spinning machine to create beautiful heart shaped pictures.
The children had a fantastic tennis session this week and were showing their skills as they hit the balls over the nets, in French we looked at colours, we discovered a wonderful book about our bodies when we visited the library, in Stave House we used the shakers and bass drum to keep time and we had a wonderful time in Forest Schools.

This week in Reception the children have been listening to bird song and identifying their different sounds. We have discussed how difficult it is for birds to feed in wintry weather and so we have made apple bird feeders to hang in our gardens. They were able to observe how the solid lard melted into a liquid and then solidified once cooled. Making class binoculars and searching for pictures of birds in the classroom, allowed the children to write a list of their favourite feathered friends. They made up their own addition and subtraction sums using picture cards of birds.