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Year 1

This week in Year One, we have started a new Science based topic ‘Sound and Light’. We have learnt lots about light this week and discovered different light sources that we use every day. We have watched a video to learn about day and night and we are beginning to understand when the world rotates it is day in some parts of the world and night time in other countries like New Zealand! We read the story Owl Babies in English and discussed how some animals live and come out in the darkness each night. We had to sequence the story using pictures and sentences and retell it in our own words.

We have also learnt about verbs and practised actions to remind us of different types of verbs. In Art, we created our own Owl Babies sitting on a branch. We used paintbrushes to make white feathers. In RS we read the story ‘The Man who said Thank you’ and listed down important things in our lives that we are thankful for. In Maths we have been working hard to use a hundred chart looking closely at the columns to find 10 less or 10 more of a given number. This was quite challenging at first, but we are starting to get the hang of it now. The children have been working hard and deserve a restful break over half term.






Year 2

This week Year 2 have been learning about measurement in our Maths lessons. In English, we have been learning how to find information in nonfiction books. We have looked at the index, contents and glossary and created book cover designs on a dinosaur theme. In RS, we listened to the story of Exodus. In Topic, we started to learn about the Ancient Greeks. We discussed how we know so much about the Ancient Greeks, labelled a map, created a time tine, discussed city states and learnt about Aristarchus of Samos. In Art, we created Ancient Greek key patterns using simple printing blocks and used wax resist for our vases.






Year 3

This week in Year 3 we have been learning about Food and Farming in Kenya. In Maths, we have been converting m into cm and cm into mm. In English, we have been learning the difference between a biography and an autobiography. We then wrote a biography about St Edmund. In Science we learnt about the sun and wrote some interesting facts to help us with our fact poster next lesson. In Art we continued our African masks and we designed a dog kennel for a competition. On Thursday we went to Pizza Express to learn about where food comes from and how pizzas are made.