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news archives This week in Pre Prep…

Year 1

This week in Year One, we had great fun writing our own nursery rhymes. We used a template similar to ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. We needed to include our own characters and animals. It was lovely to hear everyone’s nursery rhymes in our sharing circle at writing time. We published these in our poetry books. In Topic we have been making our own family trees. We have been learning about grandparents and great parents. We have talked about  what  life was like during the Victorian times. In Art, we have continued to work on our ‘Nature Delight’ drawings. During maths we learnt a new game called ‘Scoot’. We had to go around the room and find the missing number on different number lines and fill them in the right boxes. We have also been learning about numbers that come before and after, up to 100. We have been continuing to work on addition . In RS we read the Bible story ‘ The Wind and the Waves’. We drew pictures to match sentences from the story. We had some tricky spellings this week! In phonics ,we matched different pictures to the correct ‘ue’ and ‘ew’ sounds. Another busy week with lots of learning!

Year 2

This week Year 2 have been working very hard. In English, we learnt about conjunctions and wrote a story called ‘The Enormous Chocolate Cake’ based on ‘The Enormous Turnip’. In Maths, we learnt about partitioning and rounding numbers. In Science, we found out about the properties of materials and in Geography, we labelled a map of the United Kingdom. We listened to the story of ‘Moses in the Bulrushes’. We completed our work for the Young Art East Anglia competition. We are very proud of our results.

Year 3

In English this week we read the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise. We then had to write our own story choosing new characters and new methods of transport for the race. Within our success criteria we had to think about, punctuation, speech marks, paragraphs and past tense verbs. In Maths we have been learning how to add 2 digit numbers. In Science we have been learning about light sources. We completed an experiment to see if it was easier or harder to complete tasks wearing a blindfold. In Geography we continued learning about Kenya. In Art we completed our ‘Art of East Anglia’ competition entries.

On Friday we spent the whole day with Ruth Travers who is the founder of ‘Stave House’.Stave House is a method of teaching children to read, write and play music. It uses a magnetic board and magnetic characters to represent the notes on the stave, and the children learn musical notation through stories, games and songs.

The children learn Stave House in EYFS and it will now be going through Pre Prep. We feel that this is really amazing for South Lee Pre Prep. Even if your child does not play a musical instrument they will all know how to read music which will be fantastic. To learn more about Stave House please visit