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news archives This Week In Early Years

This week in Cygnets we have been looking at birds that we may find in the garden.
The children have been looking at a variety of pictures and seeing if they can identify any familiar birds that we may see in our environment.
At the woods the children gathered sticks to create a giant birds nest together. They each had a turn to sit inside the nest and pretend to be a bird of their choice.
We have spoken at register about the weather and how birds may struggle to find food when it’s cold outside. The children have all created a bird seed fat ball to take home and put in their garden to ensure that any bird visitors will have some lunch!








This week in Swan’s the children have been busy making pizzas; they looked at the ingredients they would need, comparing quantities and sizes. The finished pizzas looked and smelt AMAZING!

The children also used paints to create pizzas; painting a large red circle, then whilst adding the toppings the children talked about the colours they would use, “pink is for the ham”, “purple is for pepperoni” “yellow is for sweetcorn” were some of the suggestions.

In French this week we also looked at pizza, making a big pizza together with fromage, poivron rouge, pepperoni, sauce tomate, jambon, champignons et maïs.

The children have also enjoyed the role-play pizza restaurant, this week they were very busy taking orders over the phone, using their mark making skills to write it down, before making the pizzas.

During circle time, the children have also been showing their confidence and creativity through storytelling. They were given three pictures each, then using their imaginations they told their own stories.



This week in Reception the children have been placing milk containers on numbered cards from 1-10 and working out how many more bottles they will need to complete a line of 10. They have been threading milk bottles into bundles of 10 and placing them on our hooks labelled from 10-100. The children understand that we will continue the ‘build’ when we reach 100 milk bottles….it is wonderful to see them all counting in tens.

The children have enjoyed listening to the story of ‘One Snowy Night’ and the poem ‘Watch Out, Watch Out, Jack Frost is About.’ They have been learning about the similarities and differences between ice, frost and snow.