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news archives This week in Early Years


This week in Cygnets, we have been reading the story ‘Elmer’. The children have been identifying the variety of colours they could see on the patchwork elephant and created their own patchwork elephants using a variety of art and craft materials.

The children discovered a range of shapes within the story and worked together to identify such shapes and colours from the story around the classroom.

This week the children in Swans have shared their knowledge in mathematics recognising shapes, colours and number; we also did lots of pointing and counting.

The children also used their imaginations; playing with the small wooden bricks and Lego to create rockets, cars, towers, enclosures for animals etc. and also playing in the role-play area which is a pizza restaurant; making pizzas and taking orders on the telephone.

On Monday we had a fantastic tennis lesson with Mr Catchpole, on Tuesday we had French with Madame Alexander, On Wednesday we visited the library and chose new books to take home, we also had created some wonderful artwork with Jonathan, on Thursday we had Stave House and today we had Forest Schools. Wow what a busy week!





This week in Reception, the children have been surprised at their different emotional responses to the same weather types. Some children are very excited by thunder and lightning whilst others feel afraid – a useful exercise in understanding how we are all very different.

The children have been exploring different ways of creating a gentle wind so that a variety of objects can be moved without being touched. By blowing through straws, the children have been able to move blotches of two primary coloured paints to create a secondary colour.