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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week the Cygnet’s children have been learning all about cafes. The children have accessed the role play area and taken orders of food and drink from their friends using a notebook and pen. They then served them their desired dishes and took pretend payment from them.
At register we have spoken about our experiences to cafes and restaurants and shared what our favourite dishes are. We then found images of our favourite food on the computer and printed them off for our display.
The children have also been fantastic chefs and created some delicious dishes to take home and share with their families. Whilst cooking the children were amazing at using their senses and spoke about what they could smell, see, feel and even had a sneaky taste of the chocolate.


This week in Swan’s the children have been making lots of delicious treats including Peppermint creams, orange creams, Banoffee pots, and Fruit scones. The children have really enjoyed mixing, slicing, whisking, weighing, measuring and estimating.

They have also been using the play-dough to make Birthday cakes matching the number of candles to the corresponding numeral.

In the role-play Café, the children have continued to have lots of fun putting on their chef’s hats and aprons to make pizzas, snacks, drinks and desserts to serve to the customers.

We have also introduced the sound ‘o’ and the children were excited to sing the song and name many things beginning with ‘o’. We have been practicing our pencil grip; tracing our names, colouring pictures and drawing.

We used the number wands for number recognition; finding the number shown, we have also looked at shapes and colours too.



What a perfect Monday for the children in Reception to test the permeability of waterproof materials. The children experienced drizzle and short showers in the morning followed by heavy, pouring rain all afternoon….watching the raindrop patterns as they landed in the puddles was quite amazing. We squirted shaving foam into a jar of water to represent a cloud. By dropping coloured water on to the foam, their cloud became very heavy and the children could see the coloured water falling as ‘rain.’ They all copied ‘rainy’ word labels and are now showing much greater accuracy in letter formation.