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Year 1

This week in Year One, we have looked closely at the clothing that Victorian children would have worn. In writing, we wrote a description of boys and girls Victorian clothing and compared this to what we would wear today. In Art, we practised drawing a traditional Victorian outfit and copied this onto a template of little Victorian people. We have been working hard this week to spot capital letters and full stops in sentences and highlighted them to check that they were in the right place. In Maths, we have been looking closely at numbers that are one more or one less up to 100. We played a fun game called ‘Helicopter Rescue’ on the Interactive Whiteboard. We have also looked closely at numbers that add together to make six. In RS, we read the story of the Paralysed man. We had fun acting this story out as a class using role-play. We have been interested in our Victorian topic. The children learnt about ‘Great Grandma’s Wash Day’ and we put each step in order. We could not believe how long it took to wash all of the clothes back then! Lots of busy children in 1P!

Year 2

This week we have been very busy. In English, we have been working on the key parts of a sentence and have started to learn about prepositions. We are making progress with our joined up handwriting. In Maths, we have continued to learn our five times table and have learnt how to add two and three digit numbers. We have looked at different strategies for working out subtraction sums. In Topic, we labelled a map of the United Kingdom with rivers and mountains. We had to use our atlases very carefully. We continued to learn about the properties of materials and enjoyed carrying out an experiment. As part of our British Isles topic, we have been looking at famous people. This week we learnt about the Suffragette movement as it is the centenary of women first getting the vote. The girls enjoyed shouting ‘Votes for Women’ and even made some placards. In Design Technology, we started to look at winding mechanism and started to plan our next project.

Year 3

In English we read a village tale from Kenya called ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’. The children then re-wrote the story using a storyboard to help them. This was a fantastic story which reminded us that kindness is rewarded. This story fitted really well with our geography topic on Kenya.

In Maths we continued to add two and three digit numbers using column addition. In Science we continued our topic on light and shadows. We learnt how light travels in straight lines and that the moon is not a light source.

In Art we continued looking at flowers and drawing different types of flowers in vases. Looking at the petal shape and leaves in particular.

In RS we learnt about Noah’s Ark and drew an illustration to go with the story.

In Geography we learnt about the Kenyan flag and in History we learnt about the burial site at Sutton Hoo.

We finished the week celebrating Mrs Tilbrook’s ‘special’ birthday. We sang Happy Birthday and shared her cake!