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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week in Nursery the Swans have had outdoor learning week. They have been exploring the Forest Schools area and completing activities such as clay hedgehogs, leaf wands, planting flowers, mud painting and threading leaves onto string. They have also been blind folding each other to heighten their sense of hearing by listening for birds, the noise of the trees and passing traffic. They allowed their partner to take the lead and put their trust in some else.


































































































This week in the Cygnets class they have been looking at vehicles. They made their very own boats to put into the water tray and race with each other. The children have also looked at what items float and sink in water and why. Finally they ended the week with a pretend bus trip to visit the seaside, toy shop and train station.




































































This week in the Fledgling class they have been looking at different vehicles and how they travel. The children made their very own model aeroplanes using a variety of craft materials to put on display. The children were all amazing at knowing the different sounds vehicles make and were able to share their knowledge of which ones they have travelled in.





























































































































This week in Reception the children have been learning about possible theories as to why dinosaurs became extinct. Creating a pretend volcano using white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda caused a great deal of excitement. By placing small toy dinosaurs around the base of the volcano, the children were able to see for themselves, the effect of the fast flowing larva. Hiding different coloured dinosaurs on our red trough allowed the children to create their own addition sums.