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Year 1

In English we have been using adjectives in our writing. We have enjoyed learning about multiplication and division in Maths. In Science  we have continued to learn about plants. We are focusing on man-made features in Geography. We loved creating friendly monsters using paint and collage techniques.


Year 2

In Science we looked at habitats and discussed different types of environments for animals, reptiles and amphibians. We went outside on a mini beast hunt. It was a damp Monday afternoon and we were surprised at how many different insects we found in the woods. As you can see from the photographs the children enjoyed investigating and took care in returning the creatures following careful inspection.
We used a dotting technique in Art. We completed the Aboriginal style paintings.

Fantastic Form 2 had a wonderful day at Lackford Lakes on Thursday. The rain had passed, the sun shone and the children enjoyed pond dipping, classifying the water creatures and took part in sight and smell activities.

Year 3

In Year 3 this week we have been using a piece of text from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and turning it into a play script including stage directions. In Maths we have started to use the grid method for multiplication. We are beginning to understand the importance of knowing our times tables!

In Science we labelled the parts of inside the plant and we also dissected some flowers. We then  had to work out which part was which.

In Art, we drew the other half of a picture of a flower. We were truly amazed at how well the children did.

We finished the week with the ‘South Lee Spectacular’. Many of the Pre Prep children got involved with singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. We all felt very proud of the children, they never fail to amaze us with their talent.