South Lee School
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South Lee Open Day Friday 6th October 10am -12pm

Parent Talks and Events



Tuesday 12 September – First Aid Seminar for parents

The SARS team have offered to hold two 45 minute sessions going over first aid basics like CPR and what to do if someone chokes. If this is something you are interested in attending, please email

EYFS READING EVENING: 5pm Tuesday 3rd October

SCHOOL OPEN DAY: Friday 6th October 10am – 12pm

YEAR 6,7 & 8 REVISION TALK: Tuesday 10th October 5pm

PTA DROP IN COFFEE-MORNING: Friday 20th October 8.30am

EYFS WRITING EVENING: 5pm Thursday 9th November

Please see below some links to useful information from past talks:

Online safety talk – October 2016

Parent Session Information: parent-sessions-2016-online-safety

Social Media Information: social_media_guidance_ukccis_final_18122015-1

Revision, Exams and Future Schools talk – October 2016

To see the powerpoint of Mr Watch’s presentation about Future Schools, please click here: future-schools-evening-2016-pptx

To see the powerpoint of Mrs Roberts’ presentation about Revision, please click here: revision-talk-oct-16

Pastoral Care and Growth Mindset Talk – September 2016

To see the powerpoint of the presentation please click here: pastoral-care-at-south-leepdf

An article regarding Growth Mindset: be-mindful-of-mindset

Parent Handout: growth-mindset-kit-for-parents