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news archives This Week in Early Years

This week the Cygnets children have been making big poppies. They have created these by painting paper plates using bubble wrap. They had lots of fun popping the bubble wrap too! Then they were very clever and tore black tissue paper into small pieces to stick in the middle of the poppy and finally used hand prints for the leaves.

We spoke at register about creating the poppies for us to remember the soldiers that helped us a long time ago and how they grew in a big field.

The children also did some very careful counting as they stuck pictures of poppies onto a green number line.

This week in Swans we have had our own firework display…… Using language such as Whoosh, pop pop pop, wheeee and bang!! We have looked at all of the colours that explode from fireworks. We also made a movement routine, imagining that we were a firework. We started small, then quietly sizzling before bursting with sound for the finale. This was great fun and we enjoyed the noises that we were exploring. Great work little fireworks!!

This week in Reception we have been learning about hibernation. The children have had great fun creating a hedgehog house in the woods. We have also been making play dough hedgehogs. Using two different coloured straws to represent the spines the children were able to develop their understanding of addition of two numbers.